Meet Me!

Hello and welcome to my blog. Nothing fancy, just a simple old school blog about my life. My passion has always been writing. Though I didn’t want to write a book or a boring ‘ol article. I know it sounds cliche… but I decided to share my life via a blog. Kinda like an electronic diary. That is how I see it. Anyways, keep scrolling down and I’ll tell you a bit about myself and what you may expect from reading and hopefully follow me. I would be be very flattered if you did decide to follow me. I mean, who would be flattered, right?

Here is exactly how I look like (well, my special effect cartoonised photo anyway):

my cartoon potrait

So who am I?

I am an everyday teenager who loves to experiment. Currently a “stay at home” wanna be entrepreneur. Lol. Otherwise known as a freelancer. I just love to think I am an entrepreneur, working for myself. Well I do work for myself, but honestly I do need a bit of work to work my way up to being a true entrepreneur. But hey, what’s wrong with having a dream right?

My hobbies

to be honest, there’s only one thing I truly like to do. And that is to write. Perhaps being the main reason I created this personal blog to start with. It provided me with a platform to simply write. But don’t worry, I won’t think twice when it comes to writing. :) About whatever and whenever.