Writing is my life

As a website content creator, blogger and journalist, writing is my life— and here are the reasons why!

First of all, not only is writing a required part of my job, it’s something I am very passionate about and have been since I was in high school. I was part of a school newsletter and was popular for breaking all the latest, most important news— school events, community updates, important stories that the student body needed to hear. I love chasing down stories and getting answers, and just sharing them with everyone else is a terrific, rewarding success!


Secondly, I’ve been writing long enough so that doing it is almost like breathing! I always have something to share and talk about. Thanks to my job, I never run out of topics to work with. I’ve been asked to write for different kinds of magazines and websites all with unique and interesting stories to tell.

Third— there is something so special and unique about finding the right words to capture exactly the kind of feeling you want to express, the importance of a particular subject or topic, or sharing an experience that is important to you. When you’re writing, the truth becomes relative— and although I have never twisted or subverted it, it’s knowing that you CAN and knowing that people may believe you, that is really the true definition of power. And it’s a power that all people who write; whether it’s for a living or a hobby, are familiar with.

Most of all, I just like to use words and communicate with other people, sharing things that need the attention of a wider public. I’m sure I’m not the only one who loves to write! Whether it’s journalists like me, playwrights, poets or even fan fiction authors, the written word is something that can bring all sorts of people together.

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