Addicted to chocolate

Everybody has their addictions! Mine happens to be chocolate. I love chocolate a lot! No shopping trip is complete without a box Cadbury’s or a box of Hershey’s tossed into the grocery cart, and our fridge at home is never lacking in sweet treats of different kinds. I’m not even picky about the brand or look— as long as it’s chocolate, I’m going to eat it!

This lifelong love of chocolate started when I was a little boy. At one point in my life, my parents and I moved another city and stayed with my father’s brother for a while. My uncle owned a candy shop, and this is where the story begins.

My first job was at eleven years old helping my uncle stock his candy store, but as early as that I was already developing marketing skills (my current line of work) by telling my friends about the store and candy that was being sold. I had become a connoisseur in the world of small-time candy selling, and in my spare time had tried every single (no, I mean it) type of chocolate they had on the shelves, plus I had access to any new ones.

I have that summer working for my uncle to thank for my current love of chocolate, and my subsequent inability to function without it. The candy shop still stands today, under the loving management of my cousin Jodie (who is more of a coffee girl.) I am convinced that the purpose of chocolate in life is to simply make people happy, because I have never been more happy than when I was eating (and sharing) chocolate!

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