Hiring a bouncy castle for my friend’s daughter’s birthday

I’ve told you my posts may very well be random. And it is.

I decided to share this post that my friend wrote for the local newspaper a while back. My friend inspires to be a sort story writer.

Anyways, this is what she wrote:

My daughter, Elizabeth turned eight years old last week. She said it was the best birthday in her “entire life”. Hearing her talk about it as if she had a pleasant hangover from last week’s party brings a smile to my face. I just wish hangovers really did have that kind of effect.

Elizabeth is not a typical eight-year old girl. She is very shy and is quite sensitive to people’s feelings. While she loves staying outdoors, she would often play by herself rather than play with other children. So when my husband and I were planning her birthday party, we both agreed to have an outdoor party, and not the usual birthday parties in the malls or restaurants. The theme we had in mind was Fairy Princess Party as Elizabeth loves fairy stories. However, we wanted something different. Something that she and her invited guests will always remember.

A month before Elizabeth’s birthday, we were invited to our friend’s son’s 21st birthday party. It was held in their backyard which had a pool, a bar, and a large garden. In one corner of the yard, stood a bright red bouncy castle. We don’t have a pic to share, but you can get the idea if you visit Perth Bouncy Castle site. By the way, I am not affiliated with the site, just using it to give you an example of what choices I had. From small ones to big ones! If you think that 21-year olds prefer hanging out by the pool with their drink in hand, then you’re mistaken. They patiently queued up to get in the bouncy castle. We could hear roars of laughter from young men and women from inside the castle, obviously a bit tipsy from the few drinks they had at the bar. Cleverly enough, drinks were not allowed in the castle. We were entertained by the looks on the faces of those who got out of the bouncy castle. Many of them still euphoric about their out of body bouncy experience. It was hilarious.

As we drove home from the party, my husband and I laughed at the thought of how messy it would be if someone threw up in the bouncy castle. He said that it would be a great amenity though for a children’s party but that its lightness was a concern in some states as he heard on the radio the other day that in Florida, a strong wind blew away a bouncy house with three children in it. It seemed ridiculous but it’s true. It made me wonder whether Dorothy lived in a bouncy house, light enough to take her away from Kansas. Only after researching on its safety, and of course pricing, did we consider hiring a bouncy castle for my daughter’s birthday party.

On the day of Elizabeth’s party, it seemed that everyone loved the idea of a Fairy Princess theme. We hung fairy wings as buntings, had a candy bar with fairy floss, and the Fairy bouncy castle. It was a hit! Suddenly, Elizabeth was playing with children. And what’s more, she developed friendships inside the bouncy castle.

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