My tattoo confession

Lucky first post.. I bet you didn’t see this coming!

Truth be told that I am a proud wearer of three awesome tattoos. Each of them is pretty special, and I am particularly proud of the large snake that sprawls across the broad of my back in a wide, nearly perfect circle, its tail in its jaws. This is my first and my largest tattoo (as back then I had thought it was the only tattoo I was going to get!). The inspiration came from a website for Indo Ink Bali Tattoo.

I got the snake while completing a year of international study in Norway. I was studying engineering and stayed in a room with a large redheaded fella who looked a lot like the dwarf from Lord of the Rings, except HUGE. His name was Artie and when he wasn’t studying business or getting booze with me, he was learning how to create tattoos at his uncle’s tattoo shop. he was pretty eager about his craft and so when my twenty first birthday rolled up, Artie excitedly gave me the tattoo as a gift. I chose the image (I was born in the year of the snake) and left the design up to him, although of course he did initial sketches for me to make sure I was okay with it. We based the design off ancient images of Jormungandr, the world serpent, which in Norse mythology was said to encircle the earth and have a long-standing rivalry with Thor. I remember spending my birthday eating chips and marathoning Star Wars with an assortment of classmates while Artie did preliminary inks on my back. When he finished I wasn’t that much impressed, but Artie explained that a tat as intricate as the one he had planned for my birthday had to be completed over the course of a few months or my skin cells would rebel.

Three months later, Artie completed the snake. We were both extremely proud of it as it was my first tattoo, and Artie’s first big one as well. Artie and I went separate ways after we graduated, and I seldom hear from him anymore. But while I’ve added two more tattoos to my arms, the artfully crafted Jormungandr will always dominate my back and remind me of the year I spent studying in Norway. It was always be my favourite tattoo!

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